Game 8 Setup

Game 8 sees the opening of the Stargate:


There have already been some visitors to Umtali through the gate:


But there are also some intrepid adventurers on the way to help:


But there are also some rather unpleasant denizens of the area:



Game 7: Women and Tool boxes first

The Yakuza start to make their run to the control room:


The Marines split into two teams to cover the side hallways and use a flamer to clear the halls:


Refugees begin moving down the North corridor:


The Marine team on the South corridor needed to cross the main hall to rejoin their comrades.  Would the remote sentry gun cut them down?  They tossed out a tool box to find out:


Aliens coming from the ductwork made things a little touch and go near the exit:


Yakuza download their files into the control room:


In the end, the refugees made it out (mostly), the Centauri Royal Guard died to a man in the corridor, and some strange machinery began to stir in the distance.

Game 7 Setup

Game 7 will feature the survivors of games 5 & 6 making it across this board:


Which is covered in infected:


and has a remote sentry gun covering the main hallway:


and has a crate suspiciously like the one containing aliens from the last game:


But, at least, some “good” aliens (Centauri Royal Guard) have showed up to help:


Also, the Yakuza are on the board, following their own agenda. (picture redacted).





Game 6: “What’s in the box?”

Game 6 saw the Marine survivors from game 5 attempting to get fuel for their vehicles while a plucky group of survivors raided a warehouse to get food.

The Marines made immediate contact with the infected and started to send fire teams down each corridor to establish a cordon:


In their haste, they went right by an unsecured door on the other side:


That situation was saved by the judicious use of a flamethrower (tends to solve most problems).  The Marines managed to evacuate 7 civilians holed up in an apartment.  The infected, while slower and less aggressive, still managed to take down three troopers.

Meanwhile the civilians had sent two guys and a powered cart to the warehouse:


Where they found a large crate marked; “Planet Express.”  Upon opening it, however:


Half of the released aliens went down the open ducts.  The other half went for the survivors’ compound, where impressive shooting from the civilians accounted for most of them.  The guy wielding the bow was pretty happy with himself for the accomplishment, until one of the surviving facehuggers latched onto him.

With the immediate threats disposed of, the Marines decided to escort all of the civilians out of the area- sending the ground cars out in convoys to shuttle them to a “safer” area.

For the next game: the refugee convoy will try to make its way to safety, the Centauri will show their appreciation for having been rescued, the mysterious laptop will reappear and there will be more aliens and infected people.



Game 6 setup

Game 6 board layout:


In game 6, the surviving Marines from game 5 need to hop off the road net to get fuel from a storage facility.  Meanwhile, a group of civilians who have managed to secure themselves behind some improvised barricades send out a party to a nearby warehouse for food.  The good news is that the infected have started to wither from starvation and aren’t as much of a threat.  Is there any bad news to go along with the good news?  Probably not, it’s a hopeful kind of world I’ve made here after all.


Game 5: “Always listen to the man with the flamethrower.”

Game 5 saw the Marines land at the helipad in the middle of the Diplomatic Quarter and attempt to evacuate all of the foreign dignitaries while refugees, armed civilians eager for spots on the limited number of shuttle flights, and the infected came in from all sides.  We played this game back in February.

Initial board layout:


The Marines sent teams out to all four sides to secure the main corridors.  The group on the North side ran flat out to their target location and, while panting from exertion, opened a supply closet that happened to house some infected.  This did not go well:


The refugees on that wing didn’t last too long after that:


On the other wings, verbal commands from the Marines actually managed to hold the civilians in place so they wouldn’t swamp the landing zone.  That is, except on the South wing, where even shots fired in the air didn’t deter them.  They probably wished they had listened after the flamer came out:


Things got a bit dicey on the East wing where it came down to one Marine holding the helipad against the infected:


Surprisingly, all of the Diplomats and most of the civilians were airlifted out.  The enigmatic Grey Aliens even said that they would send help to Umtali. That has to be a good thing, right?  Unfortunately,  there wasn’t room on the transports for all of the surviving Marines.  Seven of them hopped onto the abandoned ground cars to try to make their way across the infected part of the city to reach safety.


Game 5 setup

Game 5 features the attempt to evacuate the diplomatic missions to Umtali from other powers.  There’s a helipad at the center of the board, surrounded by four wings- each featuring both apartments and roadway access from the larger city.


Refugees and the infected will be streaming in.  While it would be ideal to save everyone, the helipad can only be held for so long, there are only so many seats on each aircraft, and losing the diplomats would have negative consequences.

Game 4: Holding the line

Game 4’s main plot was the Government’s effort to maintain a quarantine line against the rage virus.

Decontamination queue:


Crowds begin to pile up against the barricades:


While some attempts were made to rush the barricades, those citizens were either shot or cowed by the threat of violence.  As the infected started to appear at the back of the line, the Men in the Grey Flannel Suits made their way upstream against the crowd to rescue their people who’d been left behind in game 3 and the sole survivor of the Rebel Yankees made his way among the refugees.  The MIGFS, hearing the screams ahead, dodged into an empty apartment and locked the doors.  The Rebel Yankee wasn’t so lucky.


The infected quickly turned the civilians and, despite frantic gunfire and blasts from a flamethrower, swarmed the central barricade.


One of the hazmat troopers, seeing his comrades overcome, made a desperate bid to stem the horde.  He shot the flamethrower tank, engulfing many of the infected in fire.

4jThe remaining infected dragged him down screaming but his heroic act probably tipped the balance as, in the end, there were only two officers left when the outbreak in this area was contained.


As the flames and screams tapered off, the MIGFS picked up their trapped people and walked out.  About half of the refugees had been saved but, more importantly, the quarantine line had held.  While most of the city is safe, there are still areas at risk.  Game 5 will be dealing with the attempt to evacuate the diplomatic consulates.

4th game set-up: Quarantine

The 4th game will be primarily about the Government’s effort to establish a quarantine line against the rage virus.  Refugees will be streaming towards a checkpoint where the uninfected can be processed through a decontamination shower before being allowed past.4aTroopers in Hazmat suits man the barricades.

4bDecon shower.

Whether they will be able to process people quickly enough to avoid a riot as desperate civilians pile up at the checkpoint is a concern, as is what will happen if (when) the infected show up.

3rd game: “At least they won’t get the flu.”

Game 3 took place in a residential block with a common/market area between the apartments.  The two bank robbers from the gang; “The Men in the Grey Flannel Suits,” who’d escaped on foot in game one were trying to make it to a safe house while another gang, the ; “Rebel Yankees,” were trying to move in on this territory as it’s former protectors, the “One-Niners,” were all in Police custody (game 2).  Meanwhile the stolen vaccines were being distributed:


Unfortunately, what the One-Niners had stolen was actually vials of the Rage Virus:


While that situation was rapidly getting worse, the Rebel Yankees were intimidating the locals and the Men in the Grey Flannel Suits had a dramatic confrontation with the Police- leaving one dead Cop and one dead Ganger.  The number of infected then started to grow exponentially:


Rebel Yankees moved to confront the infected, with predictable results:


Last stand of the gangers:


Their leader managed to beat down his opponents and dodge around struggling Police reinforcements to win clear.  The surviving MIGFS ganger made it to the safe house unseen by the authorities, showered, changed and, upon hearing all of the screaming outside, locked the doors:

3h Police backup arrived, but were unable to prevent the infected from making it out of the block.  Most of the Cops wound up dead or infected.  The Virus is out now, can it be contained?